Fisver Java API Box

Having Troubles Communicating With Fiscal Registry?

Central Information System for Fiscal Registration of Invoices (Davčno potrjevanje) in Slovenia (FURS) provides a web-service for registering invoices and business premises. Your program must communicate with it by signed XML messages, which can be a challange of its own, especially if you don't have experience with web-services, TLS, signed XMLs, certificates, crypto-keys...

Fisver Java API and Fisver Proxy will do that job for you, so you could focus on other details!

Fisver Java API


Program library module for easy implementation in your existing Java applications. The API provides an object model for communication with the Fiscal Registry, managing invoices and business premise details, signing requests and verifying responses.

A perfect solution for Java applications! [More]

Fisver Proxy


Fisver Proxy is a service that you install locally and connect your existing applications to, using a simple TCP/XML (REST) protocol.

It provides a simplified XML message structure and takes care of key management and message signing.

The right solution for all your non-Java applications! [More]

Other Countries


There are also solutions for fiscal registration of invoices issued in Croatia and Czechia.

Support for other countries will be added as it becomes available. [More]